Roamy the Pekingese "Wherewolf" 
#AA3 (Confusia Locationus Rabidian Licanus)
December 21, 1886
I heard tales of a lost relative of the family but paid it no mind as I went about my travels. I was surprised to actually happen upon young master Roamy McMorbidly in the strangest of places, Wong Wei, China. I found the angry little thing grumbling to himself and upon gazing at his horribly hairy exterior realized he had been cursed! In China he got lost and had been bitten by a Rabid Pekingese Werewolf. He was now what I jokingly called a “Wherewolf”. He had no sense of where he was and just sat trying to read his badly drawn map. I snatched up both the cursed kid and his suit case and dragged him home where the family refused him entry due to his confused and furry state. Squire Drummel just barked at me to throw him in the menagerie and get back to my work. So there Roamy sits, forever lost and confused.

-Dr. W. Wrathenclaü