Heckles the Sarkastakeet 
#AA4 (Loudia Insultus Jerkum)
March 4, 1830
My first creature captured for the family was perhaps the most annoying feathered fiend I have ever run across. I was in South America and heard tales from locals of a loud incredibly rude and offensive voice coming from the jungle. Upon investigation I discovered a 4 inch tall winged jerk who hurled insults rapidly from his beak. He was the perfect greeter at the entrance to the McMorbidly family menagerie. Do not be surprised upon your entry to hear such disgusting things said like, “Get OUT, you foppish dill-sniffing, dirt-digging, pantaloon stealing, earwig eating, wart covered little toady! “

Sigh…. I wish I could have kept him.

-Dr. W. Wrathenclaü