Quilliam the 
Petrified Porcupine 
#AA2 (Pincushinus Ouchinosia)
October 13, 1850
I was travelling through Western Canada on my way to the polar ice cap and happened upon a rare specimen in the town of Stickenly, British Columbia. They had captured a true menace. It was a giant porcupine who had been terrorizing the tenants with his razor-sharp quills for years. They got him after he tried to hide face first in a hat box filled with hat pins and sewing needles. The big jerk got a sharp taste of his own medicine to his nose and paws. Afterward out of fear of self-acupuncture, he refused to move. I bought him and using the hat box as a stool, placed him in the menagerie for the McMorbidly family to observe at their leisure. Don’t feel bad for the pointy blighter. He got what he deserved.

-Dr. W. Wrathenclaü