Chumley the Zombie
#AA1 (Greatia Aquabrainum Chompus)
July 15, 1848I was marooned on a spec of an island after a storm had wrecked my rust bucket of a boat. With no one around I prepared for the worst. I spotted a large smelly disgusting mass on the far end of the beach. It was the slowly decomposing left overs of a huge hammerhead shark. I took a closer look at the thing and to my surprise and delight it moved suddenly and snapped at me several times. I almost lost my danged hand! It was an honest to goodness zombie shark. When I was finally rescued, I refused to leave without the foul-smelling brute because I knew it would be perfect for the collection. I installed it in the menagerie in its own dirty water tank and even put in a little graveyard at the bottom. Chumley, as I named it, floats there grinning and waiting for its next serving of fish brains.

-Dr. W. Wrathencla├╝