Swamp Gus 
#BB2 (Gaseous Furorem Swampinia)
July 18, 1884
I was visiting Hoodoo McMorbidly in New Orleans to inquire about local creatures both normal and mythical that might be a good addition to Menagerie. Hoodoo spoke of the Swamp Gas monster, nicknamed Gus, that lived in the odorous, murky and muddy waters just on the edge of the city. So, I struck out on my own to hunt it down. After a few failed attempts to catch it, I finally had to use myself as bait. When the thing exploded out of a giant swamp-bubble I was ready with an old dirty moonshine bottle along with a bellows to suck the nasty thing up. Because it thrives in humid muddy areas, I built a special enclosure at the menagerie that contained an arid dry sandy environment to keep the creature in a weakened state. He attempts to escape from the bottle now and again.

-Dr. W. Wrathenclaü