Prof. Quanticus McMorbidly
#E3 in my Macabre McMorbidly Family Portrait Series
Prof. Quanticus McMorbidly, devious mad scientist extraordinaire. Much younger brother to old Judge Malleous McMorbidly. He was responsible for some of the most dastardly and maniacal inventions of his generation. Quaniticus disappeared mysteriously at precisely 12:01 am, October 31, 1889 after trying his new methane powered chrono-cranial time traveling helmet he had spent a year working on. He stole the pot from Chef Delisha. That night the family heard a boisterous house shaking passing of gas then all that was left of him in his tower in was a poof of foul smelling green smoke and sparks.
The McMorbidly Family Portraits were discovered in a battered and moldy sealed trunk, which had somehow wound up below the root system of a huge black tree on the grounds of McMorbidly Manor (Now in Ruins). With each photo was a mysterious description written in jittery script by persons unknown. The portraits and paper were dated back to the mid to late 1800's. Who was the artist/photographer? How had history forgotten such an infamous and lengthy family legacy? We may never know but pay close attention as each family member and their stories from all their past generations are revealed!